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Think of your clothing as a product of agriculture

This article originally appeared on Leah Wise’s wonderful blog Stylewise, where you can find many more great article’s on ethical and sustainable fashion and lifestyle.  This piece was written by Mary Kingsley of forthcoming sustainable brand, Lady Farmer. Images provided by Lady Farmer. I met Mary and her daughter, Emma, at an event they hosted here in Charlottesville and they’re the real deal – they even run a farm in

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Re-imagining the fashion industry with a minimalist approach

I believe in the power of business for good, and believe that businesses need to be part of the solution to the sustainability crisis that faces our planet. But fashion (and indeed, capitalism) as we know it needs to be re-imagined. So you can probably understand why I am impressed with this designers take on her fashion business. This post was written by Elizabeth Stilwell and originally appeared on her

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A Guide to Sustainable Vegan Textiles

Knowing your sustainable vegan textile options is essential if you want to create a vegan wardrobe that has a low environmental impact. If you live a vegan lifestyle it can be difficult to find vegan clothing options that are genuinely sustainable. Too many vegan brands use materials such as PVC which are toxic, and cannot really be considered cruelty free (neither for the animal world nor the people who produce

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Normalising Breastfeeding with Sustainable Nursingwear

[pinterest] Clothing is functional. We all need to wear it. But sometimes clothing can be a little more. I really enjoy stumbling across those clothing labels that are also a vehicle for social change. Sometimes the creatives behind these fashion label are on a mission. Piper Marie is one of those labels. Founded by Rebecca Delago, Piper Marie offers beautiful eco-friendly lingerie to the sustainable conscious consumer, but her mission is so much more.

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Three Things I Love: Party Dresses for New Years

[pinterest] Seeing as my little bubs is due on January 3rd, I won’t be doing much partying this New Years- I may not even make it to midnight! But I can still day dream of the gorgeous sustainable party dresses that I would love to don this New Years. 1. Eliza Zig Zag Dress by People Tree, a Fairtrade certified dress made with organic cotton. People Tree offers tortoise and lady grey readers

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Pioneers of Sustainable Fibre Clothing Braintree

[pinterest] Sustainable fashion is becoming easier to access, with more and more labels choosing sustainable natural fibres as the basis for their range. For this we must acknowledge the role of early pioneers of sustainable fibre clothing, who sought out these fibres long before they were easily available. One such pioneer is UK-based Braintree Clothing*, who have been producing natural fibre clothing since the mid 1990s. Braintree* utilise a number of natural

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Three things I love: Parisian Chic Sustainable Stripes

[pinterest] Stripes, stripes stripes…….. You might be able to tell that I am a little obsessed. Just a little. But they never go out of style, so it is a very sensible fashion obsession for me to have. If you love stripes as much as I do then know that you can invest in a sustainable stripey number and not regret it. You will be still wearing it in five

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Textile Review: Hemp

Hemp has long been a mainstay of sustainable wardrobes worldwide, being embraced by the hippy generations as an environmentally conscious alternative to conventional cotton. The early marketing of this textile was focused largely on this niche group of consumers, and hemp was predominantly featured in tie-dyed t-shirts, fisherman’s pants and peasant-style dresses that appealed to their aesthetic tastes. Consequently, for a long time hemp has been viewed as a  textile

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Eco-friendly statement necklace by rRadionica

I am a big lover of statement jewellery. A few key pieces of statement jewellery are the perfect addition to any sustainable wardrobe, as they offer an easy and eye catching way to dress up a plain t-shirt or dress. I am completely in love with this piece by Esty seller rRadionica. The piece is made up of a combination of eco-friendly materials- natural hemp twine and bamboo beads made from bamboo growing

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Organic cowl neck top

[pinterest] I am loving the effortless style of this top from Etsy seller Gratefulthreads. Perfect for layering in the crisp evenings of late. Handmade in the US from organic hemp, it comes in natural (pictured here) or a range of colours hand-dyed with low impact dyes, making it an ideal sustainable wardrobe choice. Tweet