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Human Trafficking in Fashion

[pinterest] Today I am delighted to bring you a guest post on the topic of human trafficking by Stephanie Hepburn. Stephanie is well qualified to write this post for us, she is an independent journalist whose work has been published in the Guardian, Americas Quarterly, USA Today U-Wire, the Times-Picayune and the journal Gender Issues. She has written two books on human rights, Women’s Roles and Statuses the World Over

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Human rights in fashion: the importance of slow fashion DIY

[pinterest] On October 16th I joined with more than 100 bloggers worldwide to start a conversation about human rights in fashion. To catch up on the thoughtful analysis of my fellow bloggers, check out the Blog Action Day Round Up, with coverage of some of the major posts of the day. You can check out my original post here. In  my opinion, one of the major reasons that fashion has become such

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