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Exquisite Sustainable Jewellery from Bario Neal (+ a giveaway!)

[pinterest] If you are committed to the highest standards of ethics and sustainability, finding jewellery- especially wedding and engagement jewellery- that lives up to your ethics can be a challenge. I am sorry to say that my own engagement ring did not live up to these ethics. I wish that I had known about Bario Neal back then. Bario Neal craft exquisite jewellery using recycled precious metals, Fair-mined gold, and ethically sourced

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More than just a label: How fashion social enterprises are creating positive change

[pinterest] There are many ethical and sustainable fashion labels that are doing fantastic work to change the way the fashion industry operates. These labels refuse to buy into the cult of cheap, and believe that fashion should be good quality, long lasting, and produced in a way that respects the environment and the lives of those skilled artisans who make the clothes. Many also work with artistic traditions that have

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Elegant and modern eco-friendly jewellery

[pinterest] I have been on the hunt for a stylish sustainable alternative to classic precious metal and gemstone jewellery for quite sometime. I often feel guilty that my beautiful engagement and wedding rings weren’t purchased with ethical and sustainability considerations in mind. Whilst we believe that the majority of diamonds purchased in the west are conflict-free, in reality it is very difficult to be certain of this. Even those diamonds

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