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Kitchen Pampering: Beauty uses for bicarb soda

I’ve always got a box of bicarb soda stashed somewhere in their kitchen cupboard, it’s one of those essential store cupboard items that I often use in the kitchen for baking, as well as cleaning the stovetop, deodorising the fridge, or removing build up from my cold press juicer. But it also has many great benefits for my natural beauty routine. So it’s not uncommon to find myself fetching it

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Kitchen Pampering: Coconut Oil

[pinterest] Beauty companies spend millions convincing us that we need to buy expensive chemical laden treatments for our hair and skin. But with a little bit of knowledge, we can easily ditch these products and find affordable beauty treatments in our kitchen pantries. If you haven’t already been introduced to the wonderful health benefits of coconut oil, this is one pantry item you should really check out. Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, filled

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