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10 Ways to Commit to Sustainable Fashion

This month I am little behind in work and life. My in-laws are away (and they usually help with my little ones once a week), and my husband is away in the US for a conference for 2 weeks. So today I’ve dug up one of my most popular posts from my archives. This was originally posted in 2013, but it is as relevant now as it was 3 years

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Mend and Make Do: Guide to Mending Your Woollens

Repairing your own clothes is an important part in the transition to a sustainable wardrobe. Fixing your clothes when they begin to show signs of wear will help to extend their life and save you some money in the process. Repairing things on your own can be very satisfying, especially when you use your creativity and try some visible mending techniques that add an interesting and individual touch to your

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Mend and Make Do: Clean your silver without chemicals

[pinterest] Do you have a pile of silver jewellery that you no longer wear because it is too tarnished? Perhaps you are like me and you have a bunch of jewellery that you would like to donate or sell, but you don’t want to do so until you’ve cleaned it. The good news is that you can clean tarnished sliver cheaply and easily at home without the need for chemicals

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