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The Fabric Social Fair Couture

This article is a sponsored collaboration between this blog and fashion social enterprise The Fabric Social. I genuinely love this brand and think you will too. They are a rare gem in the ethical fashion space, with feminism and community development driving their production from start-to-finish. As always, I only accept sponsorship from brands that genuinely align with the ethical standards of this blog and that I think you will

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Think of your clothing as a product of agriculture

This article originally appeared on Leah Wise’s wonderful blog Stylewise, where you can find many more great article’s on ethical and sustainable fashion and lifestyle.  This piece was written by Mary Kingsley of forthcoming sustainable brand, Lady Farmer. Images provided by Lady Farmer. I met Mary and her daughter, Emma, at an event they hosted here in Charlottesville and they’re the real deal – they even run a farm in

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