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Slow Beauty DIY: Simple Salt Body Scrub

[pinterest] The reason I am sharing this DIY salt body scrub recipe today has a lot to do with sustainability. So much that we are sold in beauty is unnecessary and even at times harmful to the health of our skin. Transitioning to chemical free beauty routine and questioning your ‘must have’ beauty products will help you save money, reduce your impact, AND there is a good chance that your

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Clean Beauty: My top picks for toxin-free eyeshadows

[pinterest] In the 1930s, many women had thier eyesight damaged, and were even blinded by using a coal-tar based mascara Lash Lure. Whilst safety standards have greatly improved since the 1930s, consumers are still exposed to a number of potentiall harmful chemicals in thier make-up, and there is good reason to avoid putting these toxins near your eyes. When it comes to buying conventional eyeshadows, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

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DIY Baby Balm

[pinterest] This week I had the opportunity to guest post on UK-based sustainable living blog Moral Fibres, where I presented my own recipe for baby bottom balm- a soothing natural balm that helps to prevent nappy rash. It is a very simple recipe that anyone can make in their kitchen, no special tools necessary. Easy for even the busiest mum. With all natural ingredients, it also makes a lovely soothing balm

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