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Textile Review: The ethics and sustainability of wool

Wool is fiber that I recommend as a sustainable textile. It is biodegradable, breathable and highly versatile.  But the ethics and sustainability of this textile are complicated. I chose to wear wool for it’s warmth and its sustainable qualities, but others may be put off by some of the ethical considerations attached to this animal fiber. In this post I lay out all of the ethical considerations, along with the

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Take a Stand Against Planned Obsolesence with the 30 Year Sweatshirt

[pinterest] I must admit that when I think of fashion the last thing I think of is a sweatshirt. Even when dressed casually, a sweatshirt is just dressing it down a little too much for me. But then I discovered a sweatshirt that has such high sustainability credentials that I am reconsidering my position. This particular sweatshirt is sustainable fashion at it’s best, even if it is a little too

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Three Things I Love: Party Dresses for New Years

[pinterest] Seeing as my little bubs is due on January 3rd, I won’t be doing much partying this New Years- I may not even make it to midnight! But I can still day dream of the gorgeous sustainable party dresses that I would love to don this New Years. 1. Eliza Zig Zag Dress by People Tree, a Fairtrade certified dress made with organic cotton. People Tree offers tortoise and lady grey readers

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The Travelling Stamps: Part 2

[pinterest] You might remember a few months back that I collaborated with Elizabeth Stilwell of The Note Passer to bring a series of posts on printing with rubber stamps. You can find more information about the first stage of our collaboration here. The second stage of our collaboration involves posting my hand-carved stamps to fellow sustainable fashion bloggers to make their own creative project using the stamps. This was inspired by the original

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Slow Fashion DIY Tutorial: Leaf Designs for Carved Rubber Stamps

[pinterest] Welcome to another slow fashion DIY tutorial. This week’s tutorial is one in a collaborative series between tortoise & lady grey and The Note Passer on the topic of printing with rubber stamps. The first two presented beginner techniques. If you missed them, you can catch up with Rubber Stamp Making 101 and Rubber Stamp Making 201. Today’s tutorial will teach you how to carve more detailed designs by making two leaf

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Design and Make Your Own Rubber Stamps

[pinterest] Last week I was pleased to be welcomed for a second guest post on The Note Passer, presenting a tutorial for beginner techniques in cutting your own rubber stamp designs. This is the second post in three month collaboration between tortoise & lady grey and The Note Passer. You can find more information about this collaboration and The Note Passer, as well as links to the first post here. The next

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Textile Review: The Environmental Impacts of Colouring Yarn and Fabrics

When seeking out eco-friendly clothing options, consumers often look to the source of the fiber (cotton, polyester, hemp, linen) to reduce their environmental impact. The choice of fiber is an important first step in the process. But in order to ensure that the clothing you buy is sustainable, it is also important to consider the dying process that has been used. The colour of your clothes can have a huge

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Slow fashion DIY tutorial: Tea-dyed hand-printed t-shirt

[pinterest] Since making the decision to exclusively buy sustainable fashion, the one thing I have missed is cute t-shirts. It is easy to find beautiful and stylish investment pieces- tailored dresses, stylish blouses, skirts with interesting prints- but when it comes to more affordable items like t-shirt and tops, the ethical clothing and sustainable fashion selection seems to be pretty plain. I have searched high and low for polka dots

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Slow designer – Alabama Chanin

[pinterest] US company Alabama Chanin is an industry leader when it comes to slow fashion and ethical and sustainable clothing manufacture and design. The company markets a range of basics along with exquisite hand embroidered couture items which draw upon the skills of the traditional quilting craftswomen from the region. The company firmly believes in revitalising local industry and has created a market for locally grown organic cotton coloured with low

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Hand-printed maxi skirt

[pinterest] I am loving this hand-printed maxi by Etsy seller theifandbandit. Printed on soy and bamboo cotton using non-toxic water based ink it stakes up pretty well on the eco front. Thanks to creatures comforts for bringing it to my attention! I may well be tempted to purchase this for the summer. Tweet