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Ecosia Lets You Plant Trees With Your Online Search

The following article is a sponsored collaboration between the search social enterprise Ecosia that plants trees with your daily search and the Ethical Writers’ and Creatives’ Coalition, where I am a member. I was paid to write this article for the blog. However, I only accept sponsored collaborations with brands that uphold the ethical and environmental ethos of this blog, and which I think you will enjoy reading about. This

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One Sustainable Change: Choose sustainable tea and coffee

When it comes to sustainable living, I consider myself very well-informed. Imagine my surprise when I found out that tea bags are not completely biodegradable. In fact, most of those ‘paper’ tea bags contain polyproplyene (a plastic) so they are only partly biodegradable. Now I realise why I still find tea bags in the bottom of my compost heap! I had already switched to loose leaf tea a few months ago,

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