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Deadstock, Remnant and Recycled Fabric: the benfits and drawbacks of wearing textile waste

Utilising textile waste is a popular choice for eco-conscious designers. These days it is easy to for designers to get their hands on a myriad of textiles that would otherwise go to landfill. Looking for labels that make use of fabric waste is an easy way to give your wardrobe some sustainability cred. But choosing this option is far from perfect. A topic I will delve into here. The reason

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Textile Review: The environmental impacts of cotton

What are the environmental costs of cotton? It is a natural fiber and is biodegradable, so surely it is more sustainable than polyester and nylon, right? Can I be sustainably minded and still buy convention cotton? The short answer is no. But it is possible to reduce the impact of cotton by choosing more sustainable alternatives. So let’s look at the facts. Cotton is responsible for 25% of the world’s

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