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Where to buy sustainable vegan shoes and sandals

There are significant environmental benefits to choosing a vegan wardrobe (and choosing to stick with vegan shoes and sandals over leather ones), but vegan fashion is an sector that is full of greenwashing. I have seen countless examples of vegan fashion labels claiming their products as ‘sustainable’ ‘green’or ‘eco-friendly’ when they use PVC, a plastic that is so toxic that Greenpeace campaign against it’s use. So if you want to

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Colour Therapy: Turquoise Jewels

[pinterest] I am very excited to bring you another new regular feature of tortoise & lady grey– a curation of beautiful sustainable fashion items along a colour theme. This week’s inspiration is the beautiful jewelled tones of turquoise. Turquoise has got to be one of the most striking hues around- I am surprised that we don’t see it featured very frequently on the catwalks. It has a been a long

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More than just a label: How fashion social enterprises are creating positive change

[pinterest] There are many ethical and sustainable fashion labels that are doing fantastic work to change the way the fashion industry operates. These labels refuse to buy into the cult of cheap, and believe that fashion should be good quality, long lasting, and produced in a way that respects the environment and the lives of those skilled artisans who make the clothes. Many also work with artistic traditions that have

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