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Where to buy sustainable vegan shoes and sandals

There are significant environmental benefits to choosing a vegan wardrobe (and choosing to stick with vegan shoes and sandals over leather ones), but vegan fashion is an sector that is full of greenwashing. I have seen countless examples of vegan fashion labels claiming their products as ‘sustainable’ ‘green’or ‘eco-friendly’ when they use PVC, a plastic that is so toxic that Greenpeace campaign against it’s use. So if you want to

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Ethical and Sustainable Men’s Shoes by Geox

Men are left our of the sustainable fashion conversation a lot, but it is so important that they clothing and footwear that they buy and wear is also sustainable. So today I am thrilled to be reviewing a beautiful pair of ethical and sustainable men’s leather sneakers. When it comes to the fashion and apparel industry, there are three sorts of brands. There is the fast fashion brand, and we

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