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Kitchen Pampering: Beauty uses for bicarb soda

I’ve always got a box of bicarb soda stashed somewhere in their kitchen cupboard, it’s one of those essential store cupboard items that I often use in the kitchen for baking, as well as cleaning the stovetop, deodorising the fridge, or removing build up from my cold press juicer. But it also has many great benefits for my natural beauty routine. So it’s not uncommon to find myself fetching it

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Kitchen Pampering: Apple Cider Vinegar

[pinterest] During my first pregnancy (over 3 years ago now) I transitioned completely to a natural approach to beauty. As I’ve refined my beauty routine I’ve learned that natural beauty requires minimal specialised products. In fact, many of the foods we have in our pantries (particularly if you follow a natural wholefood diet) are far better for our skin than the chemical-laden products we are sold in the beauty isle.

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