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Effortless Sustainable Style by Amour Vert

[pinterest] When we shop sustainably we are certainly limited for choice compared to the hundreds of thousands of less ethical fashion brands available. Once upon a time, the decision to only buy sustainable fashion may have compromised on style. But it is good to know that this is no longer the case, and there really are plenty of stylish sustainable labels to satisfy our fashion desires whilst still taking care

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DIY tutorial: Repurposed sari silk skirt

I am super excited to bring you this simple but stunning DIY tutorial for this skirt made from a repurposed vintage silk sari. This skirt is entirely hand-sewn, and is very simple, so it is the perfect project for a beginner, or anyone who doesn’t own a sewing machine. Materials For this project you will need: One vintage silk sari (a large piece of soft cotton will also work for

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Ethical office-wear for the new year

[pinterest] With the holiday season behind us, it is time to think about returning to work. As a time of reflection, the new year is also the perfect time to take stock of our wardrobe and assess whether it will meet our needs for the new year to come. Planning ahead is important when maintaining a sustainable and ethical wardrobe- if you suddenly find you need a new garment to

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My versatile outfit: stylish street-wear to yoga-wear

[pinterest] There are many strategies for ensuring that your wardrobe is sustainable. One tip that I didn’t include in my top tips is to ensure versatility of your wardrobe, so that one item can be used in many ways, and one outfit can meet more than one purpose. Today I am wearing such outfit, which is stylish enough to be worn out socially, but practical enough that it can also be worn

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Human friendly fashion: an outfit

[pinterest] Today is Blog Action Day 2103, the day when members of the Human Friendly Fashion Bloggers network come together online to start a conversation about fashion and human rights. Human rights in fashion is important to me because I firmly believe that no person should suffer human rights abuses in order for me to wear beautiful clothing. Unfortunately the great majority of clothing in our stores is made in

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Hand-printed maxi skirt

[pinterest] I am loving this hand-printed maxi by Etsy seller theifandbandit. Printed on soy and bamboo cotton using non-toxic water based ink it stakes up pretty well on the eco front. Thanks to creatures comforts for bringing it to my attention! I may well be tempted to purchase this for the summer. Tweet