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Sustainable textile favourites: Wool & Alpaca

For warmth in the colder months, nothing beats the warmth of wool, and it is also a good sustainable textile to include in your wardrobe. Not all wool is made equal though, on the sustainability stakes nor on the ethics. Generally, if the wool comes from small artisanal farms, traditional farming methods, or certified organic farms, these are the best ways to ensure that your wool stacks up the best

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Slow Fashion DIY: How to dye with red cabbage

[pinterest] Today I am delighted to have a guest post from Francessca, the talented natural dye artisan behind the British sustainable label ACFD Designs. ACFD stands for A Conscious Fashion Decision, and through her label Francessca brings us unique handcrafted scarfs and accessories, beautifully made with natural dyes and textiles. A perfect place to for the ethically and environmentally conscious shopper to buy something beautiful for themselves. In the following tutorial

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