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Miigle+ is the app to help you find ethical and sustainable brands

The following article is a sponsored collaboration with the ethical and sustainable shopping app Miigle+. I received payment for writing this article. I only collaborate with brands and companies that uphold the strict ethical ethos of this blog, and that I think you would benefit from hearing about. This helps to support the costs of running this blog. I hope you will find it useful to hear about Miigle+ and how

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Ten Australian Sustainable Fashion Brands to Look Out For

What do you find most difficult about shopping for sustainable fashion? One of my readers told me that the most difficult thing for her was to find local sustainable fashion brands from her home country. If you also find this difficult, you will enjoy my new post series inspired by this difficulty. To kick off the series, I thought I should start with my home country, Australia. Down the track

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Support Grassroots Entrepreneurs with Zidisha

[pinterest] Have you ever wished that you could use your privileged do something more to impact upon poverty? Do you donate to charity, but feel disconnected from the impact of your money at the grassroots? Would you like a better understanding of the power of small amounts of money to improve people’s lives? Let me introduce Zidisha, a micro-lending platform that lets you lend small amounts of money directly to

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