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Ethical and sustainable wooden sunglasses by Coral Tree

If you are looking to buy ethical and sustainable sunglasses, the handcrafted wooden beauties by Coral Tree* are a stylish option. When I lost my old pair of sunglasses I knew I had to replace them with a sustainable pair. I was delighted when I uncovered Coral Tree* in my research. The make sunglasses for guys and gals, and many of their styles are unisex, making it easy to find what you need.

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Sustainable Optical and Sunglasses by Proof Eyewear

A few months back I booked in to see an optometrist. I had been getting tired achy eyes and headaches at work for months, and I hadn’t had my eyes checked in a decade, so it was long overdue. After a short consultation I received the prognosis- I needed reading glasses- so before I knew it I was in the shopfront choosing frames. It all happened so quickly. It crossed

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