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Where to buy sustainable vegan shoes and sandals

There are significant environmental benefits to choosing a vegan wardrobe (and choosing to stick with vegan shoes and sandals over leather ones), but vegan fashion is an sector that is full of greenwashing. I have seen countless examples of vegan fashion labels claiming their products as ‘sustainable’ ‘green’or ‘eco-friendly’ when they use PVC, a plastic that is so toxic that Greenpeace campaign against it’s use. So if you want to

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Sexy, Sustainable and Comfortable: My favourite ethical lingerie

When it comes to my habit tendencies, I tend to prefer routine and familiarity. So when it comes to fashion and shopping, this means that I prefer to find my favourites, and stick with them. But I can be quite picky about the aesthetic, as well as the quality, sustainability and ethics of manufacture. So it can take me a really long time to find my favourites. When I finally

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Dress ethically, sustainably and cruelty-free with Bead & Reel

Today’s post is a spotlight on an ethical and sustainable affiliate partner of this blog. If you click the links contained in this post and choose to to purchase, tortoise & lady grey will earn a small commission. ┬áThese help to keep the blog running. Thanks for your support! The best businesses begin out of frustration and the desire to make an impact on something important. For Sica Schmitz, founder

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