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Dress ethically, sustainably and cruelty-free with Bead & Reel

Today’s post is a spotlight on an ethical and sustainable affiliate partner of this blog. If you click the links contained in this post and choose to to purchase, tortoise & lady grey will earn a small commission.  These help to keep the blog running. Thanks for your support! The best businesses begin out of frustration and the desire to make an impact on something important. For Sica Schmitz, founder

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A Guide to Sustainable Vegan Textiles

Knowing your sustainable vegan textile options is essential if you want to create a vegan wardrobe that has a low environmental impact. If you live a vegan lifestyle it can be difficult to find vegan clothing options that are genuinely sustainable. Too many vegan brands use materials such as PVC which are toxic, and cannot really be considered cruelty free (neither for the animal world nor the people who produce

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Where to Buy Ethical and Sustainable Handbags and Purses

Whether you love handbags as a fashion accessory, or simply use them as a necessity, there is no doubt that they are important and useful. Most of us rarely leave home without a bag or at least a purse so it’s important that we have at least one good quality bag and purse to see us through our daily activities. Bags are intertwined with fashion. Like clothes and shoes, many

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