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Canberra’s sustainable fashion on show at Fashfest

As a sustainable fashion blogger I don’t often expect to see much that I am willing to buy on the runway. This was an assumption that I made based on my knowledge of the fashion industry. But I didn’t take the time to investigate whether this was the case. So I was delighted to hear that Canberra’s glamorous fashion event Fashfest would have a whole show dedicated to sustainable and slow fashion

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Sustainable Designer Interview: Australian zero-waste designer Alice Sutton

[pinterest] Australian sustainable designer Alice Sutton creates feminine shapes with a unique contemporary aesthetic for her independent label Edition.  Employing zero-waste pattern cutting techniques, using natural fibers including merino, silk and bamboo, and local (Australian-based) production, Alice’s collections make a significant contribution to sustainable fashion design. Alice was kind enough to grant me an interview so I could learn a bit more about her motivations, values and production processes. Could

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